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Welcome to our website, here you will find extensive and in depth information about incense, incense industry, different types of incense products, like incense sticks, floral incense sticks, herbal incense sticks, dhoop burners, incense cones, nagchampa incense sticks, agarbatti, agarbatti sticks, dhoop batti, dhoop sticks, traditional incense sticks, aromatherapy incense sticks and more. Our primary objective is to create awareness among people about incense and related subjects, and to line with the ethos, we present suitable and all-inclusive information on incense sticks and allied topics such as aromatherapy, meditation, religious use, history of incense sticks, incense making machines, Indian agarbatti industry, etc. We are leading manufacturer, supplier, wholesaler and exporter of all kinds of incense products, incense sticks, incense cones, agarbatti, dhoopbatti, incense burner, incense stand, incense box, incense accessories, etc. Feel free to contact us to buy or for more information on any kinds of incense sticks, incense products and incense accessories. G+.
  Uses of Incense

Ever since the dawn of civilization incense and incense products have found exclusive usage in different cultures and religions throughout the world. Today incense products are used for various purpose like aromatherapy, meditation, religious purpose, for home, for fragrance, spiritual purpose, etc.
Counteract unpleasant odours
Religious ceremonies
Ritual purification
  Celebration of Fragrance

No doubts, fragrance is the aroma with the pleasing smell. Basically, incense products are made from the compound with the volatile chemicals which gives out the nice smell or odor to the atmosphere. All such incense products are available in different types of pleasant fragrance and aroma.
  Indian Incense Industry

India, probably, boosts the richest tradition of incense in the world. Right from religious purposes to daily household use, the use of various kinds of incense, incense sticks, agarbatti, dhoop batti, incense cones and other incense products is imbibed in the psyche of every Indian.
Agarbatti - A handicraft Industry
Indian Agarbatti industry
Incense Accessories
Storax is used mainly for its aromatic properties. It is used in perfumery as a fixative to prepare floral fragrances and in aromatherapy because of its relaxing, strengthening and sensuous attributes. Storax is used mainly for its aromatic properties. In accessories we provde incense sticks stand, incense storage box, incense burner, agarbatti burner, dhoopbatti burner, incence cone burner, etc.

Agarbatti stands (hand crafted)
Incense making machines
History of Incense
 incensesticksuppliers Use of Incense in Ancient Days
In its earliest days, various incense sticks and products were used more in the form of raw wood, herbs, leaves, seeds and spices which was added to fire to summon an individual's chosen deity or spirit guides.
 incensesticksuppliers Use of Incense in Medieval Period
In medieval period, from masking unpleasant smells to acting as a source of gaining spiritual enlightenment, the lingering aroma and smoke of incense sticks soon became an integral part of man's life.
 incensesticksuppliers Modern Day Usage of Incense Products
The traditional usages of incense sticks and products have been carried on to the modern times also. Even today, incense sticks are burnt to have a calm and elevating atmosphere.
An insight on burning of incense
Over the centuries, incense products has retained its importance and it's use in religious ceremonies, aromatherapy, ritual purification and meditation continues unabated. Every religion and culture since the beginning of time has been used burning incense sticks and incense cones for its physical and psychological benefits. The pleasing aroma can instantly sooth the mind create a feeling of sanctity and invigorates the spiritual mood in you. Besides offering complete harmony to the senses and levitating mood, incense possess several other medicinal qualities too.
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