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Fred Soll's Incense

Lending a creative and innovative edge to the art of traditional incense making, Fred Soll's® epitomizes a name that reflects supreme quality and taste. Fred Soll is a master chef when it comes to processing incense. Each single incense stick consecrated by his gracious touch exudes a lingering aroma of extreme indulgence and intimacy.

So Who is Fred Soll and How Did it all Begin?

Fred Soll was born in Brooklyn, New York on July 27 in the year 1945. He graduated from Pace University with a degree in Marketing and Business Administration as well as a degree in Nutrition. Allegedly, his first introduction into the world incense occurred one fine day in 1972, when a very old friend of his called Jerry, an adherent Hare Krishna devotee, offered him a job of selling incense in the State of New York. Fred moved to the West and after a few years of commercial success shifted his entire business to Albuquerque, New Mexico. By now Fred has earned a distinct identity as an reputed incense seller but "something was still missing", he says.

According to Fred, the circumstances of his outstanding incense products can be credited to his close friend Genoa. Genoa who approached him with a handful of sticky piñon resin harvested from the trees of New Mexico and asked him to start making incense rather than just selling it. And thus began an inspiring tradition that redefined and embossed marks of unmatched excellence in contemporary incense making.

So what's so Special About Fred's Incense?

Fred's foremost concern is to deliver incense that is of impeccable quality. He refuses to compromise his standards, buying only the highest quality pure resins, essential oils, and herbs. Made with all-natural resin, each one of Fred Soll's incense is hand-crafted and dried in the desert sun of New Mexico.

The process of Making Fred Soll's Incense:

Fred Soll employs an intricate and entirely manual process for making his trademark incense sticks. The process involves dipping and sprinkling the incense stick with the herbs and powders and then is let to dry in the arid sun of New Mexico. According to Fred, "The manual labor involved is intensive but ultimately IT IS WORTH IT."

Fred's extensive range of incense is designed to be burned in a horizontal, rather than vertical, position. While each stick guarantees a burn span of two hours, some even burn up to three hours.

Product Range:

Fred Soll's® Incense & Etc. is managed by Fred's wife Joy Soll and his sister in law Judy with the help of just one part-time employee. Joy manages his website and retail sales while Judy manages the whole sale supplies for stores.

Contact us to buy or for more information on different types of Fred Soll's incense products like incense sticks, incense cones, dhoop sticks, etc.

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