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Insight of Incense Burning

Fumes of burning incense give a fragrance and pleasant environment to breathe in. But burning incense is much more than just a room freshener. Every religion and culture since the beginning of time has been used burning incense sticks for its physical and psychological benefits.
Insight of Incense Burning
Pros of Incense Burning

Fumes of burning incense sticks are believed to have spiritual powers and healing powers. Also, it is said that it inspires creativity, enhances concentration and heightened sensual desires. Hence incense burning has various insights like prayer, worship, purifying air and uplifting emotions.

Incense sticks are also burnt to induce sleep. Because of its calming effects and sedative properties, incense can be a great natural treatment to aid insomnia. Certain incense aromas are effective in slowing down the heart rate and soothe nerves, hence it reduces anxiety and tensions. Incense burning can be of great help in fighting against depression and headaches. Fumes of Frankincense made of the resins of Boswellia plant has the power to stimulate TRPV3, a protein which helps in reducing anxiety and depression symptoms by activating poorly ion channels. The best way to relieve headaches and depression is to feel happy, relaxed and contentment. The brain induces such happy feeling on the production of certain essential chemicals, such as serotonin and dopamine. Since our sense of smell is a direct path to the brain, so certain odors and aromas trigger an immediate response via the Limbic System and stimulate the brain to release the chemicals that fights depression and headaches.

Since ages, people are burning incense sticks in their homes because these fumes are effective air purifier as they kill the germs of the air; this has been proved in a recent Chinese study, where incense fumes were used to sterilize a hospital ward and were found to be just as effective as more standard means of sterilization such as using steam.

Cons of Incense Burning

Insight of Incense BurningBut too understand the insights of incense burning, one has to look for both pros and corns. Incense smoke contains various contaminants and gaseous pollutants, such as carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen oxides (NOx), sulfur oxides (SOx), volatile organic compounds (VOCs) [4-8], and absorbed toxic pollutants. Upon absorption into the respiratory system, these contaminants and gaseous pollutants may cause a variety of adverse health effects, such as headaches, lethargy, dizziness, nausea, and eye, nose, and throat irritation. Continued exposure to the inhaling of smoke of incense can lead to serious illnesses, including asthma, dermatitis, and cancers. A research was done in Taiwan regarding a connection between incense and cancer. The study results concluded that the monks who had spent a long time in monasteries had a higher risk of cancer, due to their long lasting exposure to the burning sandalwood fumes. Because of such serious risks, the practice of burning incense is receiving serious attention.

Remedies to Tackle the Negativity of Incense Smoke

Researchers and regulatory groups have given constant warning against the dangers of burning incense, yet many will continue burning incense, either for traditional practices or for personal interest. Therefore, researchers have offered additional suggestions to tackle the negative effects of incense smoke, these remedies are listed below:
  • Using high quality, less smoky incense sticks.
  • Avoid burning it for a long time
  • Ventilating the room or building during burning of the incense
  • Utilizing negative ion generators.

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