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Uses of Incense Sticks

Ever since the dawn of civilization the incense and incense sticks have found exclusive usage in different cultures and religions throughout the world. From everyday use as a room freshener for masking unpleasant smells to acting as a source of gaining spiritual enlightenment; the potent effects of incense are many. Apart from used in homes and offices their aromatic and aesthetic values are also extensively used for following purposes:

Counteract Unpleasant Odours
Our homes are constantly filled with uproar we have kids spilling sauce and soups on our sofas, difficult pets who unendingly wet carpets, weekly friends-cum-visitors who uses the bathroom (or rather abuses) and sometimes a family member (read culinary expert) who occasionally loves messing up the kitchen by battling with cookbooks, fermented spices and eggs whenever possible.
Counteract unpleasant odours

Used in Religious Cermony
Religious Ceremonies play a vital role in all traditions and cultures. The act of expression of Dancing, music, chanting, singing and other ceremonial expressions bounds a community and also serves the purpose of connecting to the higher spiritual forces.

Religious Cermony

Used in Ritual Purification
Ritual purification is in a custom of many religions. The aim of these rituals is to remove the uncleanliness or the negativity from within, which may be real or symbolic.

Indirect burning or Non Combustible Incense

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