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Incense Cones

Incense ConesThe incense cones are made in a variety of different fragrances, which are created from different organic plant materials, animal derivations and essential oils. It is primarily used for religious, spiritual, aesthetic and therapeutic purposes. Evolved into many different types and forms, from its scent, to its shape, they are used for creating a pleasant atmosphere in order to enhance the ambiance of a home. Available in various forms such as sticks, cones, smudge sticks, resins, the incense cones also comes in a variety of different sizes, colors and fragrances.

Incense Cones are traditionally used in temples, cathedrals, mosques, monasteries, church, and other large ceremonial spaces, which give them the abundant, authentic aromas. The incense cones are made by using best quality ingredients that are charcoal soaked, fragrance oil, and several more natural essentials. Incense cones are also perfect for small spaces such as in vehicle, bathroom, bedroom, and so forth. It give off a much stronger fragrance when they burn and also release less smoke than stick incense. The traditional incense cones are very safe and a wonderful tool for daily use that burn with the help of brass burner and soapstone burner. Buying right kind of incense cone is a very personal thing and really difficult to know how to buy, where to buy, and what kind of incense will best.

Some of the Important Following Factors are Being Followed, While Buying the Best Incense Cones:
  • Learn about the different types of incense cones available (wooden, bamboo, etc.).
  • Decide upon the various scent (herbal, spice, wood and resin-derived).
  • The length of time each incense cone will burn.
  • Determine price range & packaging standard.
  • Do not buy in large quantity at first, instead buy in small quantity for checking their quality and then decide.
Incense Cones are best solution to ritual incense needs and are included spells and rituals.

There are Different Fragrances and Types of Incense Cones that Include:

Jasmine Incense Cones: Manufactured with extracts of the famous plant, the Jasmine Cone Incense is popularly known as 'Queen of the Night'. These are associated with love and prosperity that refreshes the senses, brings natural rest and relaxation to any individual

Lavender Incense Cones: It is mainly made using natural forest products and natural oils, which fragrance spreads over a wide area. The lavender incense cone is environmentally friendly, and last for a long time.

Patchouli Incense Cones: Appreciated for highly fragrances, the patchouli incense cones are made of charcoal. Prepared using herbs, resins and essential oils, this type of incense cones are basically hand pressed and sun dried.

Incense Cones Frankincense and Myrrh Incense Cones: It is a combination of two fragrances, used since ancient times. Known for their relaxing and meditative qualities, the frankincense and myrrh incense cones are used in several areas.

Cannabis Incense Cones or Marijuana Incense: The cannabis-scented incense cones are prepared from natural oils, which are free from any toxic substances and chemicals. Having an unique smell, this incense is brighten the mood and get rid of any nasty odors.

Sandalwood Incense Cones: Used in home, office, shop and other places, the Sandalwood incense cones are the most aromatically pleasing, sensually gratifying, and environmentally sensitive.

Moon Incense Cones: Designed to relax the body and to calm the mind, these are authentic only to the Moon the symbol of blissful tranquility.

Vanilla Incense Cones: These are basically hand made and are being prepared using fine powder of sandalwood, resin, roots, and natural flower oils. The Vanilla incense cones create an aromatic environment that is soothing and relaxing to energizing and also to promoting a sense of well-being.

We manufacture, supply and export all types of incense cones, Indian incense cones, large incense cones, floral incense cones, fruity incense cones, spicy incense cones, herbal incense cones and in many other flavors in India. Feel free to contact us to buy or for information about any types of incense cones.
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