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Incense Towers

wooden incense tower wooden handcrafted incense tower metallic incense tower wooden incense tower cum burner incense tower

Fumigation by the process of incense burning creates a positive atmosphere, eradicates negative psychic influences and promotes an aura of meditation and concentration. However, the first step to burning an incense is to decide where to place the lit incense. Carelessly placing incenses on potted plants or pen stands though convenient can be extremely dangerous. So whether one uses a cone incense or a stick incense, a thing that requires careful consideration is the type of incense burner to be used.

What Are Incense Towers?

Much like incense bottles, incense boats and incense trees, incense towers are objects designed to hold incense sticks or cones in place, as they burn. An incense tower holds the incense stick vertically, i.e., it holds the stick up. Moreover, unlike regular burners, incense towers are not open air but completely encloses the burning incense stick. This make incense towers a practical and safe alternative to other traditional incense holders available in the market. The towers also come in a range of wood, ceramic and marble effect in different contemporary as well as antique patterns and shapes, making them a great addition to a prayer room or a perfect adornment for a sideboard or mantelpiece.

How To Use An Incense Tower?

wooden incense towersGenerally, an incense tower has two parts-a) a base b) and a tube or column with carved holes. The base stands on the surface and the tube or column fits down onto the base. For using an incense tower to hold an incense stick, start by inserting the incense stick into the hole in the base of the tower. For burning a cone, simply place the cone on the base. Now, light the stick/cone. Ensure that the stick or cone stands upright. Next, slide the tube over the burning incense stick or cone and fit it down into the base. The aroma of the incense escapes through the holes in the tube, and the ashes are collected in the base. Some incense towers also come with a hinged door instead of a separate base and a tower. This allows easy access. All you need to do is open the door, stick the incense stick into the hole in the base and close the door. The incense stick will burn safely inside.

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