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Incense Sticks Ash Catchers

wooden incense ash catcher ceramic incense ash catcher wooden ash catcher for incense sticks metal ash catcher for agarbatti/incense sticks
What would an incense be without an incense sticks ash catcher? When any incense product burns it leaves ashes which needs to be collected and disposed off properly, thus ash catchers help the area keep clean. Of course, you can stick a burnt incense on a potted plant or use a trash can for the purpose, but this is not necessary as one can get hold of a large collection of incense burners in different styles and designs these days. Some times the terms incense ash catchers, incense burners and incense sticks stands are used interchangeably because of their dual uses. Generally ash catchers are used to collect the ashes of incense sticks, agarbattis and dhoop sticks.

Buying a Right Incense Sticks Ash Catcher:

The experience of buying an incense ash catcher can be somewhat overwhelming when we are faced with a plethora of options. So picking the perfect incense ash catcher isn't easy? One can shop online to conveniently browse through a wide selection of ash catchers in an amazing variety of shapes, styles, colors and price quotes. Go for one that suits your taste, budget as well as the theme and decor of the room you are planning to place it in.

Types of Incense Sticks Ash Catchers Available in the Market:

Now that you are ready to choose your perfect ash catcher, it is about time you get acquainted with different types of ash catchers or holders that you can grab from the market:
    incense sticks ash catcher cum stand
  • Traditional Incense Ash Catchers: The simple ones are an economical option for holding stick incenses. These ash catchers are available in wood, ceramic, glass, bone, and stone, and are often inlaid with silver or brass.
  • Abalone Shell Incense Ash Catchers: These are ideal for holding smoldering or smudge sticks, and burning herbs, resins, or any other type of non-combustible incenses.
  • Bowl Incense Ash Catchers: Generally available in ceramic or brass, bowl holders have a screen top or an ornate hanging censor along with a lid. They can be used to burn different varieties of incenses.
  • Box Incense Ash Catchers: These type of ash-catchers have a top as well as a bottom, and a storage box on the underside.
  • Traditional Japanese Incense Burner: Also known as the cup-style burners, Japanese incense holders/burners are used for burning loose incense powder. However they can also be used for holding other incense types.
  • dhoop ash catcher cum burner
  • Elaborated Wooden Incense Sticks Ash Catcher: These types of ash catchers are made by wood carving artisans and are avaiable in beautiful wooden antique form.
  • Delicately Cared Stone Incense Ash Catcher: Stones are also used to make ash catchers; stones are carved out into fancy and stylish ash catchers.
  • Metallic Incense Sticks Ash Catcher: One can also find metal made ash catchers available in various beautiful designs, colors and sizes.
  • Marble Incense Ash Catcher: These ash catchers are best for home purpose and give cool look.
  • Brass Incense Ash Catcher: These are little bit costly but are very popular types of ash catcher. They come in lots of lovely and amazing designs which can complement your home decor.
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